Main entrance

Main entrance

Address: Jenkova cesta 4, 3320 Velenje
Headmaster: Boris Štih, prof.
Telephone: 03 / 898 12 00
Fax: 03 / 898 12 25

School in numbers

The school building was opened in 1985 and then enlarged with an impressive additional building in 1997. It covers an area of 6360 square meters and consists of 47 classrooms and 5 performing halls.

So today the Velenje Music School presents bright and spacious classrooms, where 87 teachers instruct 642 pupils and students under optimal conditions. Two external locations add 218 more pupils. The school library is located in a designated place, and makes its resources and services available to pupils, students and employees of Velenje Music School.

Various instruments and singing is taught here, the students take part in variety of chamber and orchestra groups, choirs (children's and youth) and orchestras (two string orchestras, two brass orchestras, accordion orchestra, symphony orchestra). Every year more than 850 students attend the music school, there are also two music departments in Šoštanj and Šmartno ob Paki.

The students and individual groups regularly take part at the regional, national and international competitions. The school also organizes international music courses – highly valued Summer violin school of prof. Igor Ozim, International organ course, Piano seminar by prof. Lászlo Baranyay, master classes for other instruments (brass, saxophone, harp) – and it is well known for numerous concerts of soloist, chamber, choir and orchestra music. Thus it plays an important part in the development of the music activities in Velenje and has a strong impact on the cultural image of the town and of the whole region.

Besides the elementary music education there is also the advanced program running at the Art High school – department music, attended by more than 60 students annually.