Boris Štih, prof., Headteacher

Boris Štih, prof., Headteacher

Music is universal, cultural, and individual. The Music School Fran Korun Koželjski believes that every pupil should have the opportunity to receive a high quality musical training in school, regardless of grade level, ability level, or background.

The goal of this musical training is to help participants achieve a personal level of understanding, appreciation, and passion for music.

Through music education which enables students to obtain a general musical and cultural horizons, we create social and cultural sense of each individual pupil with a mission to educate for life.

The Music School Fran Korun Koželjski strives:

  • To give the student an intensive professional education in his or her musical discipline.
  • To prepare each student with a solid foundation in music.
  • To develop an informed and inquiring mind that enables each graduate to engage the fundamental issues of their art and to become an effective cultural leader in society.
  • And, through its community and continuing education programs, to offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages.