The Šalek Valley started flourishing culturally and economically after the World War II. Though already prior to that time there were choirs and brass bands active which supported the education of the young musicians (the experienced musicians taught the young ones to play instruments and also the theory of the music). The permanent music education started in Velenje almost sixty years ago, in the school year 1951/52.

Throughout the years the school has been renamed several times, and from 1966 it carries a name of Fran Korun Koželjski, local composer, conductor, teacher, and an organizer of musical events – carrier of musical life in the community.

Ivan Marin, a person who made maybe the greatest impact on the school, was the school director for almost 40 years. With a lot of energy, ingenuity and enthusiasm he managed, together with his colleagues, to introduce secondary education, beside the existent elementary one. The number of pupils (and students) has risen from 200 to 900 and Velenje Music School has become recognizable and noticeable music center, where beside the most remarkable artists, the youngest ones always have a chance to perform.

The music school extended simultaniously with the growth of the town Velenje, so it gradually got new rooms, teachers and students. Today it is known as one of the best and biggest music schools in Slovenia.

Fran Korun Koželjski

(1868—1935), born in Velenje, was all-round musical worker, composer and theoretic, teacher and choir master, conducter and folk songs collector.

He wrote many choral, piano, chamber and orchestral works. Especially signifficant were his music textbooks for violin, zither and accordion, first of its kind in Slovene language and were a great contribution to development of Slovene musical education. His whole work was infused with idea of Slovenian independence and connections to other Slavic nations.