Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra includes high school students and the best higher grades pupils of elementary music school. Mr. Miran Šumečnik took over the orchestra leadership in the school year 2014/2015.

Junior String Orchestra

In school year 2015/2016 the orchestra consists of 25 members – pupils from the 3rd grade onwards and former students. The orchestra conductor is Mrs. Andreja Mohorič.

Junior wind orchestra

Junior orchestra consists is made up of woodwind, brass and percussion pupils from 1st to 4th grade. The orchestra leads Mr. Lovro Vrzelak.

Wind Orchestra

Wind orchestra of Velenje Music school was founded back in 1957. It consists of pupils and students of woodwind, brass and percussion.

Youth Wind Orchestra – Department Šoštanj
Youth orchestra department Šoštanj Plant is active since June 2000. It includes pupils from the department Šoštanj from the 4th grade onwards (sometimes even younger) and young people who have completed their schooling or attending art high school in Velenje and have the desire to play and socialize. The orchestra is led by Mr. Davor Plamberger.

Children's Choir

Since its foundation, the choir is at the very top of Slovenian children's choral singing. It includes mostly music school pupils, six to eleven years old. The choir is led by Mrs. Manja Gošnik Vovk.

Youth Choir

Youth Choir of Velenje Music School is under the direction of Mrs. Tea Plazl and is active since 1995. It involves the pupils of music school, who are building their vocal and musical skills with choral singing. Choir include around 40 members – pupils from 11 to 15 years of age.

Big Band

In six years of operation, the Big Band of Velenje Music school successfully established itself in local environment. In June 2014 the band received a plaque and a prize for the most successful orchestra in the school year 2013/2014. Big Band is successfully led by Mr. Jani Šuligoj.

Accordion Orchestra

Accordion orchestra of Velenje Music school consists of 10 students and 6 pupils of accordion. Orchestra regulary collaborates with pupils and students of other instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, percussion, diatonic accordion... Orchestra leader is Mrs. Mojca Volavšek.

Guitar Orchestra

Guitar orchestra started in school year 2004/2005 as a chamber group of 8 guitarists, led by Monika Krajnc Štih. It involves pupilsfrom 5th to 8th grade of elementary music school and students of Velenje art high school.

Orff Ensemble

Participating in Orff ensemble allows those pupils who, because of the nature of music (eg. piano) does not engage in other school orchestras. Orff ensemble links music with movement and pupils enjoy creative creation. Orchestra leader is Mrs. Andreja Glavač.

Ballet Group

Ballet department of the Velenje Music school has been operating since 2009. It is headed by Maja Verčko.

Mixed Youth Choir

In the school year 2014/2015, the girls' choir of Velenje art high school connected with mixed youth choir Velenje School Centre. The choir leader is Mrs. Ljiljana Đukić-Šuklar.

  • Trobilni ansambel

    V šolskem letu 2016/17 se je na Glasbeni šoli Velenje ustanovil TROBILNI ANSAMBEL, ki ga sestavljajo vsi dijaki trobilnega oddelka, z njim pa sodelujejo pa tudi tolkalci.